Troll Passages

Plan your next holiday in Sweden! We are now accepting deposits for our 2021 dates!


Travel to Sweden and immerse yourself in Trolldom - the living magical tradition of Scandinavia. Meet and learn from local lauded practitioner, teacher and author Johannes B Gårdbäck. Root yourself in the ancestral land, get to know the spirits and learn the spiritual ways of your forefathers and old mothers.


Trip Highlights:

  • Exploration of the elven mounds, vard trees, sacred wells, crossroads, and other places of power.

  • In depth history of swedish folklore, sagas, kings, and trolldom magic.

  • Practical discussions of rituals and spellwork. 

  • Guided reflection and connection to the land.

  • Tools of the trade. 

  • And much much more!

In the event of emergency - such as a worldwide pandemic - we are allowing flexibility to our non-refundable deposits. We are flexible in rebooking deposits, and open to discussing refunds, in the event of illness or emergency.

Troll Passages


May 25-30th

6 Days

Starting at $1950 (inclusive package: The total price includes room, ALL meals (including fika!), all transportation once you get to Gothenburg, and any museum or site fees.)

Sample Trip Schedule:*

Trolldom - 6 days in Sweden Schedule.


Day 1

Arrival and introduction.


Day 2

The Land - Its spirits and deities. Elven Mounds, Forest Trolls & Tree Spirits, Barrow Weights, Sacred Wells, Spirits of the Ancestors and the Dead. The whys and hows of connecting and engaging. Talk and Road trip.


Sample day trip.

8:00 am Breakfast 

12:00 Lunch & Visits:

Ancestral Elven Mound,

Barrow weights & Earth Bound rocks.

The Cemetery & the Church.

The local farm - The Tomte, The Vard tree,

The field.


Day 3

Methods, Rituals and Spells. - Spoken and sung Galders & troll formulas, Anointing, Steeping, Measuring, Smoking, Washing,


Day 4

The Materia Magica - Traditional Flora, Traditional Fauna, de Humanitas - Dirt, Blood & Bones. Tools of the trade - Knives, nails, guns and much more...


Day 5

Practical Applications and Modern Adaptations.


Day 6