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Swedish Midsommar

Plan your next holiday in Sweden! We are now accepting deposits and bookings for our 2022 summer dates!


Join us in the heart of Old Sweden, where the mighty kings of yore still reside deep beneath the ground. We will travel to a variety of historic sites, including runestones, bronze age museums, burial grounds, and megalithic rocks. 


Our guide, Johannes Björn Gårdbäck, will share both history and myth throughout the tour. We will discuss old norse rural life through the Christian era in Scandinavia and folk magic trolldom customs dating back hundreds of years. 


Trip Highlights:

  • Exploration of Runestones, 3800 year old carvings and 5000 year old Megalithic Sites

  • In depth history of swedish folklore, sagas, kings, and trolldom magic.

  • Experience Swedish customs, both ancient and modern.

  • Beautiful nature walks.

  • Guided historical talks and discussions.

  • Take part in a traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration!

Our registration price with start at $2700. This price includes room, ALL meals (including fika!), all transportation once you get to Gothenburg, and any museum or site fees. 

Midsommar Tour 2022 Dates:

June 22-27

Space is limited! We recommend reserving a place in this retreat well ahead of time, as Midsommar is a popular Swedish holiday! You may reserve your spot with a $300 non-refundable deposit*. Full details about lodging, registration info, cancellation policies and detailed itinerary will be released by early spring, and we are happy to answer any questions in the meantime!

*In the event of emergency - such as a worldwide pandemic - we are allowing flexibility to our non-refundable deposits. We are flexible in rebooking deposits, and open to discussing refunds, in the event of illness or emergency.. Please contact for more information at minta@needfirewellness.comThe total price includes room, ALL meals (including fika!), all transportation once you get to Gothenburg, and any museum or site fees. 

Sample Trip Schedule:*

Day 1

Arrival Day in Gothenburg 

2:00 pm Departure from Landvetter

Connect to the Sagas - Stop in Ancient Kongahälla - Kings Craig - One of the largest cities (and its burial field) in Viking times, visited by all reputable vikings and queens of old.

5:00 pm Arrival at Hotel/Lodge

6:00 pm Welcome Dinner

7:30 pm Introduction to the location. Brief history of the region. Brief history of spiritual practice and magic of the North. Discuss trip schedule and practical information.

Day 2

Acclimation Day

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am Fika, walks, talks at our country farm, and meet some locals. 

Talk about Norse & Nordic Rural life & Spirituality, of the ancestors how to relate and connect to the surrounding land an its spirits. Takes place at the country farm built in 1829.

Noon Lunch

Nature walk in Kynnefjäll Mountain Wilderness or Huberget with view over the river, mountainsides and lake a lá Shire in Tolkien, Flea Market/Antique Store

5:00 pm Back to hotel/Lodge

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Optional folk magic workshop or sauna sessions.

Day 3

Midsummer Celebration

8:00 am Breakfast

Midsummer magic - Making garlands. Picking flowers for the divination. 

1:00 pm Traditional Midsummer Lunch

2:00 pm Partake in the Local community Midsummer Pole Raising with Traditional dancing and music.

7:00 pm Traditional dinner & BBQ

Midsumer bath in the local Kärnsjön lake OR a nice forest pool...

Day 4

The Heart of Old Sweden

6:00 am Breakfast

7:30 am Departure

9:00 am Sparlösastenen One of the most famous rune stones. Also talks about about trolldom "Med trolldom utverkade fadern, att de alltid ägde livet i behåll."

10:30 am Falköping Gökhem Second oldest church in Sweden (Built in 1077) with surrounding cemetary, St Magni well, and Megalithic Site. Talk on the materials gathered and rituals taken place here for Trolldom purposes.

12:30 pm  Lunch on Ålleberg - famous 12 ghost riders and Mountain Troll.

1:30 pm Visit Ekornavallen. Megalithic Field, Sacrificial site, 5500 yeas old. Ancient Ting of old kings.

3:30 pm Varnhem Old monastary. Burial sites of several old Swedish kings including Birger Jarl founder of Sweden.

4:30 pm Halleberg stenar/Ättestupa. Largest of the Ancient Castles of old Sweden (no castle left thou) Said to be Vahall in the myth of Gefion, The Ting stones was meeting place for The Göthiska Förbundet.

5:30 pm Thors runestone in Väne-Åsaka - Only Rune Stone mentioning a blessing of Thor.

7:00 pm Arrival hotel.

7:15 pm Dinner

8:30 pm Social time and activity time.

Day 5

Viken and Elvenheim - Land of the Vikings and Sagas.

7:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am Departure

9:30 am Blomsholm 600BC - Largest stone circle in Sweden and second largest stone ship. 

11:00 am  Kallebystenen Time of the Vanir 130-400AD - Rune stone with Frey.

11:30 am Tanum UNESCO World Heritage site with Bronze Age Rock Carvings,3800 years old, and Museum. (About their uses in Fertility magic.)

12:30 Lunch

1:00 pm Ulmekärr Labyrinth. Catching winds and spirits

3:00 pm Fika in Grebbestad by the Fjord

4:30 pm Viking King Östens Sacred well mentioned in Snorres Sturlassons Heimskringla saga and used by locals for Trolldom purposes ever since.

7:00 pm Arrival to hotel

8:30 pm Farewell Dinner

9:30 pm Short trip to Västra Fjället OR Klevan to see how people lived here in the past. Maybe some local folk music tunes from a Fiddler of a Nyckelharpa.

Day 6

Departure Day

6:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am 2 Hour Drive to Gothenburg

11:00 am Optional final lunch in Gothenburg